Crawl Space and Foundation Waterproofing

Why Should I Waterproof My Crawl Space?

If you are having water intrusion in your Raleigh home’s crawl space, you could be running the risk of having moisture problems affect the rest of your house. These moisture problems can cause damage to the foundation of your home or lead to further mold and mildew issues, even allowing termites to work their way in to do their damage. In order to prevent these issues from popping up, hire the professionals at Crawl Space & Basement Technologies of Raleigh to waterproof your crawl space.

Leaking Crawl Space

Common ways to spot crawl space moisture problems in your Raleigh home include:

  • Mold or moisture damage in the crawl space or living area
  • Musty odors in the living area
  • Condensation (“sweating”) on air conditioning ductwork or equipment
  • Condensation on insulation, water pipes, or truss plates in the crawl space
  • Buckled hardwood floors
  • High humidity in the living area
  • Insect infestations
  • Rot in wooden framing members

How Does Water Get Into My Crawl Space?

  1. During periods of heavy rain, water soaks into the soil and begins to move to the lowest level of grade.
  2. Rainwater can also soak through the walls and form condensation on the inner block walls of the crawl space.
  3. In a high humidity climate like we have in North Carolina, foundation vents on a house can also be a serious source of water intrusion. Hot, humid air is allowed to pass through these vents and condensation occurs on HVAC ducts, floor joists, and insulation.

How Do I Prevent Water From Getting Back In?

When a crawl space is wet or damp, you must address the sources of the water if you want to permanently resolve the moisture issues. When a house is built on either a flat lot or a negatively graded lot, there is nothing that can be done to stop the water from collecting in the crawl space. The source of this water comes from ground saturation. When the ground becomes overly saturated, the water migrates under the French Drain and the footing and enters the interior of the crawl space. French Drains will not work to keep water out.

So, what then is the solution? Install an Interior Drainage System from Crawl Space and Basement Technologies to collect the water and remove it as fast as it enters the crawl space.

How is a Crawl Space Waterproofed?

  1. A drainage trench is dug on the interior of the crawl space, usually around the perimeter.
  2. Weep holes are drilled through the interior side of the base block.
  3. A specialized drainage pipe is installed in the trench.
  4. The pipe and trench are covered and filled with ¾ inch gravel.
  5. We always prefer to use a gravity discharge to drain the water out of the crawl space, but sometimes a sump pump system is required.

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We will waterproof your damp crawl space and keep it rodent, insect, and mold-free FOREVER! Our work includes a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident in our expertise.

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