Clayton Mold Removal

Did you know that over 60% of homes in America have highly elevated levels of mold spores inside of the crawl space or basement?

More likely than not, your home has higher than normal levels of humidity in your crawl space or basement. This can be a breeding ground for mold and mold spores which can be spread throughout your Clayton Home through your HVAC system. If left untreated, mold can lead to a multitude of health concerns for you and your family such as asthma and allergies.
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What’s That Smell in My Clayton Crawl Space?

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA for short, reports that 65% of the air we breathe on the first floor of our home originates in the basement or crawlspace of the house. This means that the quality of the air in your basement is just as important as the air on the first floor of your Clayton Home. As your HVAC system runs, they are drawn into the interior of the home through the wall and floor penetrations. The commonly called “Stack Effect” or “Chimney Effect” is to blame.

In more simple terms….the unhealthy air inside of your home originated in the crawl space or basement. As you heat and cool the air inside of your home, you are introducing the health hazards growing inside the crawl space or basement to the rest of your house. Sometimes odor is the best indicator, but other times, these pollutants are odorless.


The Moldy Truth

Mold spores are the seeds of mold and are constantly present in the atmosphere. At acceptable levels, there is little to no health effect from inhaling or ingesting mold spores. When the heat and humidity rise in late spring, mold spores start to wake up from their dormant winter state and start to breed and feed. We cannot control the temperature and humidity fluctuations in nature, but we can control what happens inside our house!


We Can Eliminate Your Clayton Crawl Space & Basement Mold

The good news…the mold can be removed! Through a licensed, safe process, we will remove the mold in your Clayton crawl space or basement to bring your home back to its healthy state. Mold spores can be removed, insulation replaced and the crawl space will look like it did during the original construction.

but, STOP!

There is no point removing the problem without addressing the source of the problem!

If we were to remove all of the mold in the Clayton basement or crawl space and we did not seal off all of the sources of the heat and humidity, the mold issue would return as soon as we left. The key to a healthy crawl space or basement is encapsulation. Your crawl space or basement must be tightly sealed in order to control the humidity level. Most homeowners focus on the mold in their home when the real source of the problem is ignored.

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