The Property 2

The Problem:

  • The owner has allergy issues
  • There were no current issues in the crawl space, but the owner wanted to seal the crawl space as a preventative measure to avoid future mold issues

The Solution:

  • Install a basic sealed crawl space
  • Have city/county officials inspect the crawl space and sign-off on the building permit

The Final Result:

This new house now has a basic sealed crawl space that will prevent all common crawl space issues such as mold, musty odors, insects and falling insulation for the life of this home. The owner had allergy issues and she wanted to know that she had done everything she could to prevent mold from entering her home. The cost of this crawl space is much less than a premium sealed crawl space because there is no mold to be cleaned and there is no insulation that needs to be replaced.

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Excellent Service Provided!

Your crew is professional, knowledgeable, customer oriented and committed. The work area was very clean after they finished. Your company exceeded my expectations!!
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