The Property

The Problem:

  • Standing water in crawl space corner
  • Light mold on joist
  • Falling insulation
  • Musty odors
  • Camel crickets and roaches

The Solution:

  • Install partial interior drainage system with Sump Pump
  • Remove all existing insulation
  • Clean all mold from wood surfaces, wipe down HVAC System and plumbing pipes
  • Install a premium sealed crawl space with insulation applied to the walls of the crawl space
  • Have city/county officials inspect the crawl space and sign off on the building permits

The Final Result:

This crawl space has been totally transformed from a dirty, odor-filled, insect ridden unhealthy space into a clean, energy efficient and odor free space. The standing water has been removed, making the foundation stronger. The odors that permeate the living space are gone. The best part about this sealed crawl space is that it will stay this way forever! It is covered by our Lifetime Warranty which is transferable at no additional cost.

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