Crawl Space Encapsulation and Basement Waterproofing Testimonials

By the time we complete any crawl space encapsulation or moisture remediation project, our clients have determined that we deliver on our promise of outstanding service. However, in an ongoing effort to increase the quality of our service, we ask our customers to complete a survey to show us how we are doing and to make sure we continually measure up to the standard set more than 20 years ago.

We are proud to provide several reviews from our many satisfied homeowners!



Your crew is professional, knowledgeable, customer oriented and committed. The work area was very clean after they finished. Your company exceeded my expectations!! Jim D
Your company is very professional. Most companies do not clean up after themselves, so the homeowner has to do it! Your guys left the area very clean. Don’t let your sales rep go. He is very knowledgeable! Great Job! We have given your information to our neighbors, so I am sure we will be seeing you next door very soon Charles R
Your company was one of the only ones in the Triangle who was able to tell me how the job would be done that would meet NC Building codes and what the current industry methods/materials are. I did a lot of research..I know what I am talking about and would recommend Jason’s company to anyone needing encapsulation J.G.
The sales rep was very professional in explaining what was required to fix the problem. That and you’re A+ rating with the BBB was the reason I chose you. The crew is friendly, punctual and knowledgeable. For those in need of crawl space service, I would highly recommend this company Dan B.
We had our crawl space sealed by a pest control company last year, but we had many problems and did not trust them to fix the problem. So, I got a total of 4 estimates from other companies and your company was by far the most informative and professional of them all. The crew was great. Very professional and your sales rep, Rob was very knowledgeable. Thank you for finally getting our crawl space problem fixed!! Bob S.
Jason was one of the most prepared and knowledgeable technicians I have ever dealt with. He followed up and answered all questions honestly..The crew was focused, courteous and informative C. S.
I appreciate the follow-up and great service after the work was performed. When we had the extremely heavy rains, the float stuck on the sump pump. Everything was resolved to my satisfaction. It is comforting to know that you all back up your products and service Ronald R.
You all had a very reasonable price and VERY good references! Thanks again for a professional job, and explaining how a crawl space is supposed to be done. Daniel S.
Rob was the only sales rep to talk to me about permits for my job and the work and materials meeting the building codes. I called many of the references on your list (that is a big list!), and what they told me is the reason I chose you all for the job. They were right. You all did a great job! Hank C.
I got your name from Angie’s List and my realtor. I heard you guys were the best crawl space crew in the area. Great Work Guys!! James V.
Jason, Thank you for all of your work and support to make our crawl space area dry and secure. Your responsiveness to any questions or issue is impressive and very appreciated. Thank you and your team for all of their hard work and support! M.B.

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